Maria | Stamford

April-02-2024 Bark busters rating

What an amazing experience working with Mike from BarkBusters! We have a highly reactive 9-month-old Bernedoodle, named Tucker. After going through 4 other trainers, with absolutely no success and with Tucker’s behavior getting worse over time, we felt it was the time to contact BarkBusters…and thank god we did! We have Michael Konstantaras, from BarkBusters, coming in to work with Tucker. Mike has a completely different approach to dogs and dog training.Mike came into our home and had Tucker calm and asleep within 20 minutes. He is like the dog whisperer! Mike proceeded to spend almost 5 hours with us! He explained why Tucker behaves the way he does and why he is so reactive. He then explained specific training methods to use with Tucker. In addition, he had me video tape him using these techniques so I could have a reference tool when I was training Tucker. He also followed up all of the his methods with clear, concise, written instructions. Mike not only took all that time (on one visit) to help us in person. But then he has also made himself available to us (by phone or text) for any issues or questions that we had with Tucker. A few days after our initial consult, I contacted Mike with a question and he made time in his schedule, that same day, to come over and show me how to correctly utilize that technique, to help Tucker. I truly feel that Mike is just as invested in Tucker’s success as I am and I could not be more invested in the health and happiness of my fur baby. I would unequivocally recommend BarkBusters. They are a company that is truly one of a kind and to work with Mike and have him help your dog is truly a gift! My only regret is not having contacted them sooner.

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Donna M. | Fairfield

December-28-2023 Bark busters rating

Fairfield Connecticut has its very own dog whisperer. Michael is the absolute BEST! He was first recommended to us via a friend and then through a quick Facebook search on behavioral dog trainers, and we couldn't be happier that we were led his way. First off, he's a great guy. He's funny, personable, helpful and genuinely wants the best for you and your dog. Our first session was 3 hours long and so informative. It helped us recognize the role we played in regards to our dog's behavior. At the end of this session, he had our dog responsive to his techniques and, therefore, calmer in general. We had homework to do and Mike was always accessible with any questions/concerns we had. His response time was incredible. We are gradually addressing our concerns and the second session was equally as productive with our dog minimizing his aggression towards other dogs within a few exercises. It is truly unlike anything we could've imagined and our expectations have indeed been surpassed. Our dog is no longer furry and furious nor is he bouncing from the windows to the walls, he is becoming the pet we always knew he could be. We are so grateful for Michael and the bark busters techniques and couldn't recommend him enough.

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Ann M. | Greenwich

November-24-2023 Bark busters rating

We needed help training our pup who is full of energy and at times rather mischievous. Cassidy came to our home, trained the whole family, and within the first hour together, we were amazed how our dog responded after meeting her. Cassidy has been teaching us how to successfully work with our dog in a manner that he understands while employing a method that uses no clickers or treats. The results have been outstanding!! No more jumping up on family members or the kitchen counters. No more pulling on the leash during our walks. With Cassidy’s guidance, we have set appropriate boundaries and implemented a structured training plan that works!! And if questions arise in between appointments, Cassidy is always quick, conscientious, and happy to respond. We are thrilled to work with Cassidy and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer.

Edward G. | Lake Worth

November-16-2023 Bark busters rating

I have been working with Michael for 9 years on continued maintenance of our dog Sammy. Yesterday we had to put are other dog down after 14.7 wonderful years. Naturally I called Michael to help us with Sammy as he too lost his pal. When u first started to use Michael he said anytime you need me I am here and I mean it. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to handling pretty much everything you want to work o with your dog. He once again, came through with his calming nature, techniques and tips especially with this trying time for our dog and family. Thank you Michael for the help again. I strongly urge anyone to use Michael and bark busters! They constantly help and deliver and will for life!



October-30-2023 Bark busters rating

We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy and wanted to be more proactive this time with training and called Bark Busters. Cassidy has been terrific - she came to our house and spent several hours at the first meeting explaining their methodology and teaching the adults how to react to different puppy behaviors. Amazingly, Duncan was listening to her and she taught us to use these same techniques. Cassidy also gave us a better understanding on how to use the crate - which has been life changing with a puppy. Literally from the first day, Cassidy has made a difference in how Duncan is behaving. We have really worked at the training tools she has given us, and it has made a great difference in how comfortable we are with having a puppy. Not only has she taught us what to do, but also what not to do. After the second visit, we are feeling even more confident and happy with how Duncan is progressing and look forward to future visits as Duncan becomes a well behaved member of our household. If we have a question in between appointments, Cassidy is very quick and happy to respond. We are so happy that we made the decision to call Bark Busters and highly recommend bringing Cassidy in to help with a new puppy!

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Dina B. | Fairfield

September-05-2023 Bark busters rating

We needed help training our puppy who has a mind of his own. Michael came and immediately began training the whole family. Our dog responded the first time meeting him. He is teaching us how to set expectations with our dog and has been very patient with us. We quickly learned how to establish boundaries while enjoying our dog. We are very thankful to Michael.

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Pam B. | Trumbull

August-10-2023 Bark busters rating

I am the grandma of two dogs who where not getting along in my home. Cassidy came and worked with Josephine & Lincoln and within 20 minute she had both dogs walking together and in the house without barking or showing aggression toward each other. Her training techniques are amazing .

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Wendy T. | Sandy Hook, Fairfield

August-04-2023 Bark busters rating

Michael helped me train my dog, Kiki this afternoon. I really felt lucky to find him. I felt completely at ease with his professional guidance. I brought my Austrailian Cattle Dog, Kiki, with me and really didn't know what to expect. I got Kiki at 3 months old basically the day the Pandemic shut everything down in the end of February 2020. Socialization and training was pushed off until the fall 2020 because of that. Long story short, she is a good girl, but I have had a lot of trouble feeling comfortable walking her. She lunges unexpectedly when she sees birds, squirrels, bicyclists and skate board kids. Anyway, I met with Michael and for one hour he worked with Kiki and I. I learned so much and Kiki behaved so well, it really felt like a miracle. I am so grateful and now I have some new and effective techniques to practice with her!

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Kimberly Van M. | Darien, Fairfield

August-04-2023 Bark busters rating

I cannot say enough good things about Bark Busters. Our family worked with Cassidy, Mike's partner, and she was amazing. Our 3-year old Brussels Griffon barked at everything...the doorbell, buzzers on television, an owl hooting, squirrels in the yard, our next door neighbor's birthday party, my husband entering the room...and once he started, he didn't stop. Cassidy demonstrated how using a different set of behaviors can interrupt your dog's disruptive patterns. We saw results the VERY FIRST NIGHT. The week after Cassidy worked with us, we had six HVAC guys working in our house and our dog barely seemed to notice. Our dog's new attitude has been life-changing. He no longer makes me jump 3 feet from my chair when he barks at ghosts at 11 pm. He doesn't wake up my niece's baby barking at a squirrel. He isn't disruptive when we have house guests. He's happy and relaxed! I feel as though I've gained Snow White-level animal communication powers. PS Bark Busters is really training you, of course. You have to be willing to practice their method with your dog a few times a day. The payoff is huge. I feel as though my dog trusts me more, and feels safer and more relaxed. Our whole family is happier!

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Shona G. | New Canaan

July-05-2023 Bark busters rating

Having had a small dog for 11 years, we decided to add to our family and within 6 months we had added 2 rescues, who loved their new family, but weren't so trusting with visitors coming into the house. We tried a few trainers, with no success, then (thank goodness) stumbled across Cassidy - and my goodness has she changed all of our lives for the better!!! I've gone from feeling totally overwhelmed and like a failing dog mom, to having 3 thriving contented dogs, who are chilled and welcoming to all of our guests! This weekend we had so many guests over and our dogs were calm, comfortable and happy! At points you wouldn't have known there were dogs in our family. Cassidy and Bark Busters have been a total game changer for us all! I cannot even begin to express our gratitude and everything we have learnt. Some changes happened over night, others have taken 6 months of persistent and patient training. Don't give up on your pups, give these guys a call and they could save your family like they have mine!!! Honestly, I'm thankful for finding Cassidy each and everyday!!

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Kimberley C. | Stamford, Fairfield

June-25-2023 Bark busters rating

My 8 year old Goldendoodle Sailor began exhibiting aggression towards other dogs in the past year. I was very concerned about the liability and why my sweet doodle had changed. Cassidy spent an initial three hours with us which included a short amazing video, details of the Bark Buster philosophy on training, and hands on work with us and Sailor. Results were immediate and we now have a calm, non-aggressive, happier dog. I used to train dogs many years ago, and and impressed that this method uses no clickers or treats, just proven ways of communicating with your dog. We recently moved to an apartment complex in downtown Stamford in which many people have dogs of various breeds and temperaments. Sailor is now great riding the elevators with other dogs, passes by dogs on the sidewalk without any lunging or barking, and has even ignored other dogs who have lunged at her. I owe it all to Cassidy and Bark Busters and highly recommend them, it is well worth the price for the peace of mind we have, and that Sailor is once again a happy, calm, and confident dog.


Kyra G. | Bridgeport, Fairfield

January-23-2023 Bark busters rating

Cassidy was very helpful last year with our first foster dog who was a pitbull mix as she had some issues we had never dealt with in previous dogs. She gave us some great tools and I am happy to say her recommendations were very effective and such a great help. A few months ago we adopted a 7 month old Rottweiler puppy. Like many puppies he had some typical puppy issues which we were able to address effectively and overall he was a great dog. However, he developed a fixation with chasing and digging at his shadow. We tried distraction, extra exercise, spray bottles, turning him on his back, and a myriad of other tactics all to no avail. We were almost at our wits end. Cassidy to the rescue – wish we had called her sooner. After she evaluated our latest addition to the pack she shared some great tools and exercises from her trainer toolbox. I am elated that we saw an immediate change for the better in his behavior. Her suggestions were the best kind – simple and yet effective. She was able to not only demonstrate the tools/exercises but more importantly observe us to ensure these were used with the proper timing for them to be effective. Reading books and watching youtube videos is entertaining and there is some great content out there but every dog is different. Sometimes having a professional personally observe your dog and how you interact with them can save hours of frustration and drastically shorten the path to success. All we have to do now is follow the path Cassidy outlined so our Rottie will continue to improve. Would not hesitate to call her again and highly recommend her.

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Scott C. | Norwalk, Fairfield

November-13-2022 Bark busters rating

We had Cassidy come to our house to help with our 2 year old female dog (Maribelle) we adopted a couple months ago. She was having issues with pulling very hard on the leash, jumping on people that would come to the house, and tearing up outdoor furniture. Cassidy was able to provide us with an incredibly knowledgeable and structured plan that just made sense, no crazy tricks. She was friendly and made the sessions enjoyable and we learned a lot as owners. After our first session the difference in the behavior of Maribelle was night and day, no more pulling and much calmer. Between sessions Cassidy gave us some tips to continue to work with Maribelle. After the second and final session we can honestly say we do not have any more behavioral issues. It was an honest pleasure working with Cassidy and her extremely friendly personality and affection towards her clients is something you do not see to often anymore. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a trainer!

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Hugh K. | Greenwich

July-01-2022 Bark busters rating

We were thrilled with our training session with Michael Konstantaras . Our 2 french bull dogs responded immediately to the coaching Michael provided . It was amazing. Michael at all times made sure we were understanding his methods . He was a gifted teacher both to us and to our dogs . He dispels the notion that you can't teach an old dog new tricks . We saw immediate positive results in our dogs behaviors . I highly recommend Michael too anyone looking for help ! Thank you thank you Michael !!!!!!!!!

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Sally S. | Stamford

November-02-2021 Bark busters rating

I called Mike for our dog Bruno, who has SEVERE separation anxiety (he is the famous ROOF DOG). Our initial session with Mike occurred in August and lasted over 3 hrs. Mike was professional, knowledgeable, fun to work with and loved by my whole family (pups included!). His training techniques are easy to learn and effective. We saw a HUGE improvement in our dogs’ behavior immediately. What earns Mike a 5+ STAR review from me is his responsiveness. It’s been over 90 days since our first session and Mike is as accessible today as he was the day of our first session. Every call and text is responded to promptly, even when Mike has been out of town. Separation anxiety is not an easy fix. It’s a huge relief knowing that we have Mike available when needed. Mike is a committed, compassionate, honest, and gifted dog trainer with a big heart. I highly recommend him.

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Dhina K. | Greenwich

December-22-2019 Bark busters rating

Michael was fantastic! Wilkins has trouble with strangers visiting the house but Michael gave us great exercises to practice and Wilkins stopped his barking instantly! We’re so thankful for this meeting and wish we had done it sooner.


Nancy B. | Westport, Fairfield

October-19-2019 Bark busters rating

Just WOW. It was like a magic trick. After learning Mike’s methods of communication, I was able to correct CJ’s front door aggression in seconds! I promise to do all of my homework and follow through with the tools and exercises he recommended. She will be a much happier and calmer dog knowing she doesn’t have to be our protector all of the time. Thanks Mike!!!

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Susie M. | Fairfield

October-09-2019 Bark busters rating

Two weeks ago today my husband and I met Michael for the first time in our home with our dog Cosmo. Immediately we recognized Michael's passion for what he is doing. We waited two weeks to review so we could give an accurate account of our experiences. Simply put, the "formula" works! We feel it is expensive, yes, but you are paying for a time tested, proven and effective technique that was years mastering and all being shared with you. Having said that, it is in our opinion, a wise investment, having a harmonious house is priceless! As I write this, our trash collectors are out front and Cosmo (2 weeks ago) would have been barking and jumping at the door and window. Instead, my 140lb. puppy is calmly at ease and unconcerned with the outside commotion. So yes, we highly recommend Michael!!!


Emilia R. | Stratford, Fairfield

September-21-2019 Bark busters rating

I was fostering a rescue dog and she started acting up and lunging for our resident dog, resulting in a bad incident. It often seemed unprovoked and we couldn’t figure out why or what we could do to stop it. Mike came and explained to us why the behavior was occurring and gave us training methods to help correct it. He didn’t just focus on our foster dog, he looked at the problem holistically and Showed us how to communicate with both of them in a way they can understand. We were working on fixing the behavior so she would be ready for her forever home but his methods worked so well in solving the problem, we ended up keeping our foster!!! We’re a happy family of 4 with no issues thanks to Mike!

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Andrea L. | Bridgeport, Fairfield

September-05-2019 Bark busters rating

We are absolutely amazed with the training tips and information we received for our two yorkies. We were worried to even have people over for fear of our boy dog biting but now we feel more confident that we can. Trying to control two dogs, let alone two yorkies is difficult...or so we thought until Michael came and showed us how to do it. The training is easy and effective. In just a short time of Michael being in our home we noticed a huge change in our dogs. We covered everything from aggression to barking to marking and jumping. We are extremely happy with the results so far and are looking forward to a more peaceful home going forward.

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Barbara L. | Norwalk, Fairfield

August-16-2019 Bark busters rating

Not only did Mike deliver a “new” dog to me but the next day our house was chaos with a new window being put in. Not only did she listen when given her command, within 10 minutes Mia never barked or jumped on anyone. Thanks Mike!

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Julie S. | Westport, Fairfield

August-02-2019 Bark busters rating

This review is long overdue but three months after our first lesson, we couldn't be happier with Mike's results! If you're on a waitlist, trust me-- he's worth the wait! After the first lesson I saw an immediate change, but as time goes on and we are consistent with the advice Mike gave, Comet keeps advancing as a happy, friendly, well-behaved member of the family. One example is that when we had visitors, Comet used to be fearful and aggressive. He barked and growled one of our friends right out of the house. Three months later I am thrilled to say that Comet and that friend are now best buddies. Comet wags his tail and jumps into his lap every time he comes over. And now Comet loves all people! This is one of many behavioral changes and I trust Mike could help with just about any issue. And Mike's post-training communication is amazing! He answers calls and emails extremely quickly, even when on vacation! We love Mike and his methods and we know you will too!

Aggression Barking Jumping up Pulling Recall

Kathy G. | Darien, Fairfield

July-24-2019 Bark busters rating

Wow! I have been looking forward to this meeting and it was MORE than I hoped for! From the minute Mike got here, he started to give me the tools with which I’d be practicing with my 1 1/2 yr. old love! She responded so incredibly that I am finding myself remotivated after 2 different dog trainers, a lot of time and money, with very disappointing results. I love Mike’s approach that we, as pet parents, learn our dogs’ language- not expect our dogs to know ours! He was gentle, quiet, and I’ve never seen Lilah respond so readily! I am very much looking forward to this journey with Mike, Lilah and me!!!!!

Jumping up Pulling Toileting

Joli G. | greenwich

April-21-2019 Bark busters rating

Wow! What a difference one session with Mike makes! Our 3 dogs would frenzy bark when people would come over; they'd jump on us and our guests; and they would not come when we called them. Mike came over to our house the day before Easter and worked with us for a few hours. We had 30 people over today and our dogs didn't bark or jump and they came back to us when we called them. IT WAS AMAZING! Our family and friends couldn't believe what a difference the training made -- and especially after one session. During the session, Mike did a very thorough job educating us on the theory behind the Bark Busters method. He showed us how to correct our dogs' behavior before it escalated and also how to pre-empt it. And he gave us training tools and a suggested practice schedule. We highly recommend Mike and Bark Busters!

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Tanya M. | New Canaan

March-21-2019 Bark busters rating

Michael is truly AMAZING! We've had several trainers over the years, some of which have been extremely expensive and highly regarded ones from new york city and all have failed to properly help us with our dogs. Until MICHAEL CAME ALONG! There are not enough kind words me and my husband could say about Michael. We originally called Michael to help with our dog Bama barking at our baby when he is crawling. Michael taught us how to become pack leaders and how to control Bama in this situation as well as a host of other ones. He literally fixed issues we'd been dealing with for years in a matter of minutes. Additionally, we have another dog, Brando, who is older and notoriously difficult. We did not plan to have Brando trained because he is that difficult and so many trainers have failed with him and it always ends in a loud barking mess. After seeing how successful Michael was with Bama immediately though, we brought Brando out. In less than a minute, Brando responded to Michael's methods! It was honestly so shocking that I was speechless and quite emotional. Michael truly teaches YOU how to communicate with your dogs in a way that they understand and respond to. Our dogs are truly so much happier and more relaxed since Michael came and we've been doing the training exercises. My husband and I finally have control over our dogs and now we can enjoy them more than ever before and they can finally relax. Michael's methods are extremely effective, clear, easy to follow, and you see results immediately. In addition to being an amazing trainer, Michael is also an amazing person. Michael literally changed our lives and we could not be more grateful.

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Laura Del S. | Weston

March-21-2019 Bark busters rating

We had resigned ourselves to having a dog that bites, and had decided that we would spend Bowie's life protecting people from him, and protecting him from his worst instincts. After spending thousands of dollars on other trainers we really thought there was nothing we could do. Enter Mike. His training of us outside the house, before he even met our dogs, enabled us to welcome him into our home without the usual barking of the one and menacing lunging if the biter. He and his associate came in, sat at our table and he continued to teach us how to put them in their place and claim our own space and our guests. Not a peep from the dogs. When Mike left we felt inspired and empowered. We know we have a lot of work to do before our Bowie can be trusted without a muzzle, but for the first time, we actually believe we can teach him to welcome people to our home. The tips are easy. They're effective. Already we are eating dinner without dogs at our knees. We can prep their dinner while they wait outside the kitchen instead of underfoot. They are less reactive when cars pass, looking to us instead of barking. It's incredible. Mike is incredible. He's the dog owner whisperer!

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up

Lindsay S. | Stamford

January-28-2019 Bark busters rating

Wow! I am so impressed and thankful for Mike's help with our two rescue dogs. Our dogs were loud, leash-reactive and tough to control around strangers and new dogs. After our first day with Mike, we understand how to show them that we protect them, not the other way around! Just a few hours after our first lesson, we ordered pizza, which normally has our dogs sprinting to the door, barking, growling and jumping. But this time, one dog didn't even move from the couch and the other quickly backed off after we used the strategies we learned just a few hours before! He also spent time with us to discuss nutrition and other interesting topics---all in all, he spent over 3 hours helping us learn. Mike really helped us understand our beloved family members, and we look forward to using what he taught us in the future. Seriously, we can't thank you enough. Hire this guy!

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Kimberly F. | Stamford

January-28-2019 Bark busters rating

Mike is fantastic. His priority is not only that our dogs learn how to properly behave but that they feel loved, supported and protected along the way. His approach is kind and it WORKS. Thank you for giving our new family members love and teaching the rest of us how to help them become well-mannered young pups. I have worked with other trainers and have experienced other dog training programs - Mike is in a league of his own. I highly recommend his services. Thank you, Mike! Kim, Fairfield

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Mary C. | Darien

January-25-2019 Bark busters rating

Mike is absolutely incredible. Highly recommend him for anyone having any issues with your pups. We have three dogs, 10 years old, 8 years old and 10 months. Things were getting out of control with the barking, rushing the door anytime anyone visited - or god forbid the FedEx truck drove down our driveway. By the time Mike left our FIRST visit, things were under control - no more rushing the door or jumping up on visitors. Mike listens to what you want to achieve and gives you the tools to succeed. He leaves you with homework to do - practicing with your dogs. And leaves you with his personal phone number and the direction to call him any time with any questions. After Mike left - I felt a true sense of hope and empowerment. It's day two and our household is a different place today! Thank you Mike!

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Audrey A. | Wilton

January-23-2019 Bark busters rating

After seeing all the positive reviews, I think it's only fair to say that this training is not for every dog. I have one dog with severe anxiety and after the training, she ended up at the vet with severe stomach issues as she thought she was doing things wrong after years of no formal training. Some techniques worked however some did not.

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Melissa H. | Stamford

December-10-2018 Bark busters rating

I will never hire any other trainer ever!! Michael is amazing and has helped us from the moment he walked in the door. If you need a trainer do not waste your money on other trainer, really! He teaches us what to do and shows us how it works right away. He gets it and is so committed to your success. He is a great guy and we feel so lucky to have him help us. We adopted a rescue that was a bit out of control and after 1 day we already see remarkable improvements.

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Morgan M. | Stamford

December-10-2018 Bark busters rating

Mike changed our lives. We have a 3 month old Australian Shepherd puppy. We did some reading on training and being dominant before bringing him home and had been applying those tools. It didn't seem to be working that well and now I know why. Mike's logic, tools, and approach help you QUICKLY get a respectful response out of your dog. Within the first 24 hours we felt like we had a new dog. It's on us to keep up with it and build positive habits in him, but I can't imagine doing that without Mike's help. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious, you'll definitely enjoy any session with Mike!

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Ali C. | Stamford, Fairfield

December-09-2018 Bark busters rating

In the search for a trainer for my black lab rescue (Rupert), I came across Mike's information on Yelp and I'm so glad he did. I've only had one session with him thus far but have already seen a material difference in the way Rupert is behaving. For the last year I've had him, he was was struggling with leash reactivity (lunging, barking at other dogs for no reason) which made our walks a challenge. After a few hours with Mike, he was able to get onto an elevator with other dogs with not so much as a peep and now we're walking past other dogs with ease. I really can't thank Mike enough for all of his help!

Aggression Barking Pulling

Paul S. | Stamford

August-01-2018 Bark busters rating

Mike is a very clear communicator. He gave us several practical tools and a very specific action plan to integrate our new dog into the existing "pack."

Jumping up Sibling rivalry

Nicola R. | Stamford

April-07-2018 Bark busters rating

My husband and I finally met with Michael from Bark Busters yesterday, all we can say is WOW! We actually waited 3 months for our appointment because he was so booked out but it was so worth it!!! We have tried many trainers with our dogs at our home and even brining them places. It was really nice having him come to the house and see our situation at hand. We have 6 dogs currently and we really were getting over whelmed with them not listening to us and ruining our home. We have good dogs at heart and love them so much but they really were taking over our lives and totally taking over our home. Despite having an actual room for our dogs it still was very difficult to control them. Their issues range from jumping, excessive barking, and extreme hyperness to the point where you cannot get their attention to listen to you. These problems have affected us when having guests over, and embarrassed us with our neighbors with all the barking. We knew they were good dogs we just did not have the correct tools to learn how to help them even after all of the trainers we have been to none of them addressed these issues before like Michael did. He truly is like a dog whisperer, after he left my husband and I were kind of in shock with how well our dogs were responding. All of the dogs seemed relieved of their anxiety and so calm and focused as they have been needing this direction all along. Our appointment that ran into 3 hours went so unbelievably well but this morning was actually the true test- if they would listen to me using the new tools on my own without Michael there. I was a little nervous as I walked into their room this morning as usually they are so exited they trample you and jump like such craziness as I make my was through their room to let them out side and they would be jumping on the door being crazy! WELL! I used all of the tools he gave me and they did try to test me but when I did what I was supposed to they responded EXACTLY how they were supposed to!!! I couldn't believe it. Im so excited to keep working with them and have them get the training they need and deserve!!! All along I was using the wrong approach, commands, etc with my dogs and knowing and seeing Michaels method and seeing how well the dogs respond I'm so thankful to know there is something out there that truly works!!! Were so thankful to have Michael come work with our dogs and after just one lesson how much easier our lives with all six of our babies will be!

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Eric B. | Norwalk

March-25-2018 Bark busters rating

Mike was absolutely fantastic. We have never been able to control our dogs on a leash, and within 10-15 minutes, we had them walking in place, and no longer pulling like maniacs. Both dogs would also tackle anyone that walks in the front door, but with a few minor adjustments in how we gave them commands, you could tell they were put at ease, and are now much more relaxed with visitors and people passing on the street. Within a few hours of Mike visiting, Rein no longer tackles the tv when a dog comes on the screen. Incredible! Lastly, the additional feedback with nutrition Mike provided was also extremely helpful!

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Recall Separation anxiety

Patrick J. | Fairfield

February-01-2018 Bark busters rating

Mike came over last night to help our family out w/ our Frenchie, Luna. We've researched many techniques prior to calling Mike; however, we had no idea what he started teaching us to do. He didn't simply show us what to do, he thoroughly explained "why" this way of training is more effective long-term. He started explaining that we had to reverse the "humanizing" that we inadvertently caused. After giving us a foundation of knowledge, we began to learn how become "leaders of the pack" and how to effectively communicate that we don't need her to feel unsafe; "we got this". The techniques helped us establish boundaries, clear leadership, and make her feel safe and secure. Mike has shown us a whole new perspective on what and how Luna thinks/feels. He totally "gets" how to interact on a dog's level. I'd recommend him to ANYONE.

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Julita J. | Stamford

January-30-2018 Bark busters rating

When we met Mike at Bark Busters we were HIGHLY impressed. He has opened our eyes to look at our dogs in a completely different light. He has enlightened us to understand certain behaviors and provided us with techniques that showed immediate results. We consider ourselves very lucky to have 2 amazing dogs, but we also knew there were things that we needed to work on to have good harmony and leadership in our household. Mike was amazing in that aspect. He pointed things out to us that we never even thought about. Our dogs loved meeting Mike. After our initial visit, Mike was only a phone call and text message away (text message most times followed up by a phone call, which we love). We have spoken on few occasions and Mike was able to guide us through any/all concerns. At times, I felt like Mike was providing much needed "doggie" therapy not only to our dogs, but to us as well. Once we were able to understand the human behaviors as well as animal behaviors we were able to connect better with our furry babies. We continue to work with techniques that Mike taught us and we look forward to working with Mike in the near future in order to keep peace and harmony at home. Besides the training Mike also spoke to us about food and nutrition. We immediately started research and appreciated his input on the dietary suggestions, which resulted in change of our dog's diet. We would recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a great dog trainer. Mike's techniques achieve immediate results and we couldn't have been happier to find him. He is a call away and always willing to assist in anything related to health and safety of our pets, and that means the world to us.

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Stacy K. | Stamford

January-30-2018 Bark busters rating

We adopted an 8 month old puppy and we noticed she had a lot of anxiety and was afraid of men, she also pulled on her leash and wasn't really responding to my husband and I. Our Vet recommended Mike. We met with him once and she is already responding to everything he taught us. Its been 2 days and she is no longer jumping on the sofa unless she is invited, she is no longer pulling me down the street, she is walking with me. We are still working on the growling but it has improved a bit already so we know we will get the full result we are looking for. My husband and I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for even the slightest bit of training. He is very professional, comfortable to be around and completely understands your dog and you the second he walks into your home. Thanks Mike!!!

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January-27-2018 Bark busters rating

Michael was wonderful...the way our dog reacted to him and his technique s was truly amazing and I believe wholeheartedly that if we stick to our homework we will achieve the results we are hoping for! We will certainly be using the follow ups to work on other issues and look forward to working with the program!


Corrine M. | Stamford

November-22-2017 Bark busters rating

I have and will continue to highly recommend Mike to friends and family for dog (people) training. As a first time dog owner, I rescued a male pitbull who never received any training. He wasn't house broken, couldn't walk calmly on a leash, and was showing aggressive behavior towards other dogs. Mike took a consultative approach to show how and what my dog was thinking and then the best way to communicate and understand him. This was EVERYTHING. After a couple of very easy to do exercises, it was an IMMEDIATE turn around. If it didn't happen to me personally, I wouldn't have believed it. Using these exercises/techniques has made all the difference in his overall behavior. My pup is now a much calmer and happier version of himself and I am a much much happier mom for it! Thank you for everything Mike!!!! I would be happy to continue recommending you!

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Chris A. | Stratford

November-22-2017 Bark busters rating

Mike was awesome! After the initial visit we saw an immediate change in our German Shepard. We never realized just how smart she was. He took his time with us which we appreciated. I have already called him once and he picked right up. Looking forward to working with him more and getting our girl into a happier place in our home!

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Robert W. | Westport

November-22-2017 Bark busters rating

We have 4 dogs that get rowdy at times. One of them is a 10 week puppy and the oldest is 13 years. Mike was able to get them all to behave instantly. The older dogs were always on alert and would bark at anything. The puppy had the usual problems...climbing or chewing the furniture, nipping, house training and rough play with the older dogs. Mike was able to correct their issues and gave an explanation of how to correct their bad behaviors. I highly recommend Mike at Bark Busters for all his help.

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Daniel L. | Norwalk

September-27-2017 Bark busters rating

Mike was fantastic with my wife and I. In just a few minutes he was able to show us that we were not communicating correctly with our dog. Once he taught us how to communicate it has been fantastic. Walks have never been more fun or satisfying. She plays with all of the kids in our yard now and greet our guest in a more appropriate way. Thank you very much Mike.

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Fadi K. | Bridgeport

September-12-2017 Bark busters rating

I have no clue where my dog and I would have done without Mike's help. I adopted my pit almost 5 months ago and about a week into it I realized I didn't know what I was doing. Mike's ability to teach you how to provide your dog with structure and to keep you and your dog happy is amazing. After one session, many problems with my dog started to disappear. I was amazed with my dogs progress with Mike's training. He is always available if I need to contact him with a concern and I am very grateful for his services. Very highly recommended for anyone who needs dog training. Thank you Mike!

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Ian T. | Stamford

September-12-2017 Bark busters rating

I have no clue where my dog and I would have done without Mike's help. I adopted my pit almost 5 months ago and about a week into it I realized I didn't know what I was doing. Mike's ability to teach you how to provide your dog with structure and to keep you and your dog happy is amazing. After one session, many problems with my dog started to disappear. I was amazed with my dogs progress with Mike's training. He is always available if I need to contact him with a concern and I am very grateful for his services. Very highly recommended for anyone who needs dog training. Thank you Mike!

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Sam N. | New Milford

May-11-2017 Bark busters rating

I had been looking for a trainer to help me with my dog. My dog is super special he's a service dog. And because of this 99% of the trainers I talked to said NO! They wouldn't even look at him because they didn't want the liability. That being said let me give you some history I have a 4.5 year old German Shepard/ Rhodesian ridge back, I got him at 6 weeks and started working with a trainer when he was about 10 weeks old. Tank sense when I'm about to have a medical issue and calms me down and alerts people to my issue. He has been a life saver to getting me out of the house and back to a "normal" life. Last summer I was in South Carolina and tank was attacked by a dog that was on a retractable leash while in public. Though he wasn't hurt I didn't realize that it had cause issues for him till some time later, he suddenly became very dog aggressive and then the final straw was he became aggressive at a waiter in public, it was at this point that I pulled tank from working and then the down hill went further he became moody and temperamental at home. This is what lead to searching for a trainer to help me correct this behavior and get my service dog back, which lead me to mike. I was at my end when I spoke to mike and two days before mike came out I had an another issue with tank and I thought I would have to put him down. I called mike super distraught mike reassured me he could help me save my dog. Mike came and spent 3.5 hrs with me and instantly saw light and love come back in to my dog and a confidence restored in him. Before mike left he hugged me and asked if I was ok and I was on the verge of tears because I knew I had my best friend back. I know we have a long road ahead of us but mike gave us a fighting chance again. Thank you mike so much.

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Amanda J. | Stamford

April-26-2017 Bark busters rating

My husband and I rescued a younger dog two months ago who is great in the house (not taking into account some boundary issues) but is challenging on leash, especially around other dogs. After a month we knew it would be best to get professional help so that we didn't develop bad habits or make the situation worse. After doing some research and reading countless reviews, we found Mike from Bark Busters. And it turns out, the reviews are right! Mike's training approach is quick and effective and the homework assignments he leaves you with are easy to follow and replicate on your own - the perfect recipe for a training success! After a two hour session we've noticed a marked difference in our dog and feel confident that we can keep progressing with the training techniques and behaviors he taught us. Mike and Bark Busters offer a lifetime guarantee which means you can call Mike anytime if you feel you need additional help with your dog's behavior or if something new pops up. Mike doesn't use treats or pain tools like choke collars and e-collars which I LOVE.

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Sue P. | Weston

April-26-2017 Bark busters rating

Pure Gold! With just one session and 2 days of our family using the techniques Michael taught us our house is now so much more enjoyable. We have 3 dogs (all rescues, ages 1 year - 8 years) and the barking was unbearable ... door bell, mailman, cars on the road, walkers on the road, squirrels, birds ... nothing was off limits for these guys to start barking, barking, barking.....But now our home is bark free. We have had other trainers come to our house but nothing seemed to work nor were the training techniques sustainable. Michael's formula is quick, easy and sustainable for the entire family to practice and enforce everyday. With his lifetime training guarantee we are looking forward to having him help us with some of the other issues as well! The only question we have is 'Why did we wait so long to call Michael"?!?!?! If you have dog issues you must call Michael today!

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Stacey K. | Stamford

April-26-2017 Bark busters rating

Michael has impressed us with only one visit with his practical techniques to remind our dog that we are the top dogs in the house, not him. We have let our dog take over the house to the point that it was hard for us to have guest as he growls and charges at them. He also has leash agression and agression towards other dogs. We look forward to learning the many techniques that Michael has made available for us to make our "devil dog" the sweet dog we were drawn to at the shelter. Our dog is very fearful still from the shelter, but Michael has assured us he will work with us as long as needed to get our dog to a comfortable place and to teach him that my husband and I are the boss, not him!

Aggression Barking Pulling

Ian T. | Stamford

April-26-2017 Bark busters rating

Wow! If anyone in the Stamford or Fairfield county is looking for a dog trainer look no more. My wife and I have a rescue pit bull , Max, who we took into our family 7months ago, He was very energetic( meaning overly hyper) and unresponsive to sort of training we tried. A friend of ours had a co worker who had Mike train their dog and highly recommended him. We got in touch with Mike and him meet Max. Well... not even 2 hours later our lives are changed forever. His behavioral approach to training US, not just max was/ amazing! He followed up with us to make sure we were following our homework with max and how he was responding. HIGHLY RECOMMEND- THANKS MIKE!

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Rowena Z. | New Canaan

February-21-2017 Bark busters rating

Thank you Michael for your assistance with my 10 year old Shar Pei Georgie. I thought I would let you know that Georgie slept the night through in his crate, from 10pm to 6am, not a squeak from him. He is such a sensitive and responsive dog, I am filled with gratitude for your guidance and assistance in showing me how to be with him. I feel that has also been somewhat of a life lesson for me in other ways.


chris G. | Bridgeport

January-30-2017 Bark busters rating

First, my dog is a Caucasian Shepherd, not the easiest breed as they have highly instinctual behaviors as it relates to protecting their family; at 150 pounds she is a formidable student. Michael took a cautious approach upon their first meeting and after a dog free session of what behaviors I needed to understand Bambi was brought in. With Michael's coaching Bambi responded within seconds, not minutes, no long drawn out drills but SECONDS. I did not believe it was happening but it sure was and the lessons stayed with Bambi and she responds faster and faster everyday. I would recommend Michael and Bark Busters to anyone because "IT WORKS".

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Debbie G. | Shelton

December-10-2016 Bark busters rating

We have a 10 month old Yorkie -Mix who barks at anything, is basically a terrorist once I come home from work and at nighttime. My husband & I were at wits end. Mike came to see us last night and within 10 minutes Gracie became a little angel! Mike taught us how to be better parents & to let Gracie know we are protecting her, she does not need to protect us. We took his recommendations to heart. Today, the day after we met Mike, our Gracie is a different happier little girl! We highly recommend Mike & Bark Busters! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mike!

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Marin S. | Stamford

November-09-2016 Bark busters rating

Mike is PHENOMENAL! Our pup is now on her way to being the best trained dog in the city! Not only did Mike offer great training advice but he also offered great nutritional advice for our little girl. When I started looking at trainers I was nervous thinking that Del (our puppy) would love us less because we started instilling boundaries but what Mike taught us was to communicate with Del. Not punish but to communicate with her like her dog parents would. Mike is so great at teaching you how to continue the training process. Worth every single penny.

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Jessica W. | Fairfield

November-09-2016 Bark busters rating

Mike came on an emergency basis as I had just introduced a new rescue to my 9-year old, dominant female. In just a half of an hour there was a monumental change in the demeanor of both females. The tools offered in such a brief amount of time were amazing - I am looking forward to working with him in the future for the full program. On an aside, he also offered great advice on nutrition options for my larger breed dogs. Can't thank him enough already!

Aggression Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up Sibling rivalry

Cathy C. | Stamford

November-09-2016 Bark busters rating

I met with Mike last week, and I couldn't be happier. I have a 2 year old French bulldog, who in my opinion has a very complex personality. He can be the sweetest, most playful guy but would sometimes snap for sometimes no reason, and I couldn't understand it. Mike had explained to me that he felt he was the boss of the house, and basically felt that he needed to protect me all the time. Which is not a job that I want my dog to feel he needs to uphold. In one hour of some very simple training skills, my dog immediately started to realize that he was no longer going to be in charge. Of course I know that I will have to consistently work at training him, but I have no doubt that Mike's methods will work. The best part, is that I don't have to inflict pain or bribe my dog to get him to do what I want.I'm looking forward to seeing more of his progress. Also Michael is always available whenever I have questions, and when I ran out of food...he supplied me with some more until I was able to get it!!! What a guy!

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Ben F. | Norwalk

August-18-2016 Bark busters rating

Bottom line up front: I whole heartedly recommend Mike the dog trainer to anyone who has a dog. This is my first and only review I've written and it is because I strongly believe in Mike's training program and teaching style. My dog is a little 30-pound shepherd mix named Arnie and was having increasing aggression, barking, and jumping as he was entering his adolescence. He is my first dog that I raised from a puppy and I thought I was doing everything right. I read the puppy books, went to puppy school through the ASPCA, socialized him early and often, but as he got older he got more and more aggressive, especially on the leash. I became discouraged with training assistance form most sources because most of what you find out there is positive reinforcement only, which is fantastic for training a wanted behavior, but not effective for removing unwanted behaviors. Mike had a unique approach from what I read with his style focusing on training the human, rather than the dog. I figured that Arnie's issues were coming from anxiety with him being so small and Mike agreed and also added in a very tactful manner that my dog didn't truly respect me and is the primary reason why he doesn't listen and didn't feel calm and comfortable with me when we were out together. I would summarize Mike's style as dog whispererish, but without ever laying your hands on your dog as punishment. As Mike says, "hands are for petting". It is very much about continually reinforcing your dominance through every interaction with your dog so that your dog respects you in a 100% humane manner. There are no treats, there is no violence, and no pain brought upon your dog in any way. His method is based off of continuous communication. What does that mean you ask? Mike taught me the tools to communicate with my dog through body language, a modified growl (sounds silly and takes some getting used to but is extremely effective) and a couple of tricks. Mike walks you through the process every step of the way and gives continuous feedback on how to improve. Within 1 day of implementing Mike's teachings my dog's unwanted behaviors almost entirely vanished. I was able to loose leash walk him in a distraction free environment and he did not bark or jump on guests when they entered the house. I'm now about 6 months out of Mikes session (which only took about 2 and 1/2 hours and he came to our house) and I can loose leash walk him through a high distraction area with passing cars and barking dogs and Arnie will calmly walk through with only minimal corrections on my part. This is because Mike taught me how to forge a relationship of trust and respect with my dog, so even though he is an anxious little fella, he knows that if there is a threat to him (which is almost everything in his eyes) that I will take care of it and so he remains calm and happy and thus I remain calm and happy. I have found that through the brilliance of the basics that Mike teaches you most of the problem behaviors just go away, and when a problem behavior does emerge, because your dog trusts and respects you he will actually listen even if there is a great big distraction. I will emphasize that this is by no means a "magic bullet". Mike will give you the tools to communicate with you dog and then it is on you to continuously and consistently use these techniques, but Mike is readily available to take questions or even come back for additional training sessions if ever needed. I can't recommend his services enough.

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Jennifer K. | Andover

July-08-2016 Bark busters rating

I am a volunteer with Pack Leaders Rescue of CT and I reached out to Michael for assistance with Arwyn, a dog we rescued from a local shelter in Nov. 2015. Shortly after Arwyn went to his foster home, he began exhibiting aggression when meeting new people. We have consulted with several different trainers and while Arwyn has learned many basic commands, he has not improved in his ability to socialize with people. Michael generously agreed to provide training to both Arwyn & Autumn, the foster's personal dog. He came prepared with all the tools needed to teach Arwyn & Autumn that their foster mom is "top dog" in the house. I was so impressed with Michael's knowledge, ability to teach the foster how to be a leader with both dogs, and was amazed by how quickly the dogs responded to the training. I am optimistic about the future for Arwyn and am so grateful for the training Michael provided. I would highly recommend him to others experiencing behavior issues with their dog.

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Matt V. | Bridgeport

June-19-2016 Bark busters rating

Its been a little over two weeks since Michael came to train Winston, my first time rescue dog who is a pit/american bull dog mix. First off, Michael was very impressive, and broke down a lot of information for me in a common sense way to understand it. But more importantly, more than two weeks later, the methods he taught me are working. The issue I have with Winston is his distraction with other dogs when I walk him. To say that he pulls on the leash doesn't do justice to what really happens on the leash when we walk, just ask my back. I had been using a prong collar with some success, but with the training we got, I have not had to use that collar and even though it was effective, I believe that over time, a simple voice command will be enough keep Winston's attention on me, and not the nearby dog. Curing Winston of being distracted by other dogs will be a process, for sure, and depends a lot on me putting my time and energy in and probably will always be an issue to some extent, but in two weeks, not only have I seen real progress, but I am very confident that I have been taught the methods necessary to improve Winston's behavior when we go on walks for the long term. I could go on and on about what has become a very successful experiment in adjusting Winston's behavior but I will just add that the discipline, or "communication" as Michael called it has not made Winston resentful of the walks we go on or the time we spend together but quite the opposite. He enjoys the communication and works really hard to give me what I am asking from him. Its been an amazing experience. One more thing: the tips on diet have been implemented, partially, not fully, but even still, the results that Michael predicted would result in a healthy coat are already noticeable. Thank you, Michael.


Kimberly S. | Bridgeport

June-08-2016 Bark busters rating

I was referred to Michael By BARC after I reached out for help for my 3 yr old female pit bull Zoey. Zoey has always been a little unpredictable and very territorial. Over the last 4/5 months things with Zoey had gotten worse to the point I had thoughts of giving her up or putting her down. Zoey was becoming very hardheaded to the point where she wouldn't listen to commands from my husband or I. She would run up to the gates and scare neighbors and people walking by. It was hard for me to have people come over because she will run up to the door and proceed to bark aggressively. Zoey would jump on people and when we would let our second dog out to play who is another Pit Bull named Royalty they would both get so hyper they would knock people and things over. Royalty also had the problem with jumping on people, extremely hyper, running up to our fence and barking at people passing our home. Michael showed us a few strategies to help with all the areas listed above within one hour we had our home back!!! We could open the door with out them charging to get out or at people, they were walking side by side in the yard , less barking and must importantly they were not charging at the gates when people walk by. We couldn't believe it, they were different dogs by the end of the session. With consistency and patients after working with Michael we no longer feel we need to give Zoey up. We gained control of our home and in future if we ever need help I know exactly who to call. Thank you Michael!!!

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Chelsea M. | Stamford

June-03-2016 Bark busters rating

In an hours time Mike helped us to completely change the way our puppy reacts and responds to the door bell, visitors and us! We learned so much from Mike and are grateful for his time and energy in helping us communicate more effectively with our lovely puppy! The training he did was easy to understand, explained well and is easy to follow through with at home leading to great results so far! Would recommend Mike to anyone who'd like the simplest or most complicated dog issue sorted! Thank you SO much, Mike 😊

Hyperactivity Jumping up

Katherine B. | Stamford

June-01-2016 Bark busters rating

I am a veterinarian and consulted with Michael on some issues with my puppy. She was having some fear issues, as well as pulling on the leash etc. Michael was very friendly and professional and worked with my dog and I to communicate effectively and give her more confidence. She responded to his methods right away and has continued to do well since. I strongly recommend Michael to my clients for a variety of behavioral problems.

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Kate M. | Stratford

May-20-2016 Bark busters rating

Michael impressed us immediately with his knowledge and clarity about proper training of our goldendoodle puppy. He instilled a renewed confidence in us that this can be managed by our being consistent. We are more optimistic now knowing that we have an expert just a phone call away!

Pulling Puppy management

Mcgill D. | Stamford

May-10-2016 Bark busters rating

I wanted to wait a while before I posted a review too see how effective the training was. And with Michaels help it made my family's life and dogs life way better. My dog Julian was aggressive, jumping up a lot, and the worse of them all pulling on a leash. In one session we started to see a change and then when my family and I started to do it ourselves I started to finally see the results and I couldn't be happier. Not only did he give us tips about teaching my dog proper manners, he gave us advice about feeding and about socializing and I really appreciated that. Michael, from The Dumay Family, thanks again for all your help and we will definitely be seeing you soon for a follow up!

Aggression Barking Chewing Jumping up Pulling

Mark M. | Norwalk

April-27-2016 Bark busters rating

Michael was extremely knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate. It was amazing how quickly our dogs responded to his methods.

Barking Jumping up Separation anxiety

Ashley S. | Stamford

April-20-2016 Bark busters rating

Michael saw my new puppy and I for only one session so far and I must say I can truly see a huge difference in my puppy already. She went from uncontrollalable barking to realizing her cage is now a safe environment to be in when I am not home with her or if I need to be in another room and cannot thank him enough for helping me this issue that I so dearly needed help with!


Christina P. | Stamford

April-14-2016 Bark busters rating

Amazing! Mike was so friendly and helpful. We saw change in our dog after the first 15 minutes of him being in our home. For the rest of the night Grayson was so well behaved, and even this morning before we went to work he was perfect. We tried a few of the exercises we were given before leaving also, and our dog did amazing with all of them. I'm highly recommending this to all my friends with dogs. Thank you so much!

Aggression Barking Jumping up Other

Sharon P. | STAMFORD

April-08-2016 Bark busters rating

Michael came to our home to help us with our first puppy. He gave us excellent information on nutrition, crate training, house breaking and how to stop the puppy nipping. Teddy responded to Michael immediatley! We are using the techniques and training Michael taught our family on Teddy and we feel that in just a few days he is catching on even as young as he is. We are looking forward to Michael returning when Teddy is a bit older for more advanced training.

Puppy management

Gabriella N. | Stamford

March-23-2016 Bark busters rating

Inside the house Max was always on guard. We are also working on him jumping up. Mike gave us clear and easy to follow instructions. We saw results after the first time. Thank you!

Barking Jumping up

Brooke R. | Stamford

March-17-2016 Bark busters rating

My husband and I contacted Mike when we picked up our first puppy, Lemmy. I had grown up with a family dog and my husband had never had a dog. While I grew up with a dog, I had not been involved in the training aspect whatsoever. Both of us are pretty inexperienced. Lemmy is a rescue, we got her when she was only about 4 months old. Lemmy was overly protective of our house, barked constantly at people and other dogs, she'd wake us up barking at the top of her lungs every morning. Mike has truly helped us with our little girl. After the first session she was truly a different dog. She couldn't be better now and she's still only just a puppy, she's off to a great start thanks to Mike. Not only has Mike been awesome when working directly with Lemmy, he also provides support whenever you need it, he's just a phone call away. We couldn't be happier with our pup now. Mike has taught us a lot. Highly recommended!

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Jackie & Anthony T. | Norwalk

March-14-2016 Bark busters rating

I had originally called Michael to help us introduce a foster dog into our home in hopes that they would get along and I would be able to adopt. My dogs were not well socialized and Tuck my mastiff/pit mix being over 130 lbs made me nervous as the new dog was only 40 lbs.. I met Mike in the driveway and was literally crying because I was scared it wouldn't work and I would have to get rid of new dog. He immediately put me at ease. Once he began working with dogs it was instant the change. He taught my fiancé and I how to take back our home. It was because of his training we were able to successfully introduce the dogs. It is because of Mike teaching us how to be the pack leaders that we were able to go from a pack of 4 to a pack of 5. The level of knowledge and expertise he offers is incredible. He answered anytime I called him with questions and even stopped by to check in:) I have never been so grateful in my life to work with someone. Thank you Mike for helping us to take our lives back and showing us how to take charge of our home!

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Angela Di N. | Stamford

March-02-2016 Bark busters rating

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep Chubs due to aggression and barking towards other people in the household. He completely did a 360 right after the training. I was actually astonished. My mom still wasn't a believer but after a couple of days she noticed such a huge difference! I don't know what we would've done without this training. Thanks again!

Aggression Barking Jumping up Puppy management

Angelica D. | Stamford

March-01-2016 Bark busters rating

We adopted a pitbull mix about 4 moths ago, his continuous mis behavior led me to be fearful of him. He would run around the house, jump on me and other people, it was just a nightmare. Keep in mind that he is 75lb's and so strong! The coaching from Michael literately changed our lives. I was one day away from getting ready to send him back, and with just one day of training Bruno's behavior has completely changed. I now feel like the dog respects both of the humans in the household as his pack leader. With his knowledge of dog behavior as well as their nutrition I am confident that Michael can help create a better situation for any house hold. Michael, we are so thankful for how much you care about making people understand how dogs need to be taught and become part of a happy family!

Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling

debbie and shawn h. | NORWALK

February-29-2016 Bark busters rating

Michael was fabulous! He really has a passion for this and cares about helping you and your pet. He even went on a car ride with my husband and dog to give techniques while out in the car! We are on day two and practicing and all ready we are seeing results. Thank you Mike!

Barking Other

lisa m. | norwalk

February-27-2016 Bark busters rating

We had an easy life with our two five-yr old female dogs, Lana and Jojo but we decided to get a rescue dog, so Rocco came along. For three weeks my husband and I were exhausted and tired of trying to keep peace in the house. Lana and Jojo continually growled and snapped at him. and he just wanted to play. We had many other issues before Rocco came along but didn't realize they were that bad until I read Barkbusters questionnaire. I was drawn to Michael's website and am so glad i called him. He squeezed us into his hectic schedule immediately. I was so stressed and about to send Rocco back to the rescue the very morning Michael came to my house, but I called him and he said just give me one chance "I think I can make a change". All i can say now is "wow". The method he taught us is incredible. By showing our dogs that we are the pack leader, there is now peace in the house. Amazingly from just two hours, we have a new life, and Rocco, our new son, is here to stay forever.

Aggression Barking Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Puppy management Sibling rivalry

Tiffany U. | Black Rock

February-07-2016 Bark busters rating

Yesterday was our first training for our 1 year old Maltese who would bark at anything and everything he heard, would mark around the house and he would take us for walks we didn't walk him. After spending two hours with Mike our dog is a completely different dog . Mike leaves you with exercises you must do that take tops a half hour (because we are also doing the walking). We did our door routine today for 10 minutes and nothing got our dog barking. When our neighbors are leaving or coming he doesn't even look at the door. This has been a great experience and I recommend it to anyone ! Thank you Mike !!!

Barking Hyperactivity Separation anxiety Toileting

Tanya F. | stamford

February-03-2016 Bark busters rating

Thank you very much for your help!!! I really learned techniques to calm down my dogs. I truly recommended Michael!!! .Thank you again!!!

Barking Hyperactivity Jumping up

Linda E. | Brookfield

January-24-2016 Bark busters rating

We have had so much success with our 2 year old border collie lab mix from just one session with Michael. Our dog had extreme anxiety and was afraid of anyone who came over. By the end of our session we saw a huge change. Our dog was sitting next to Michael and her constant barking has stopped. We recommend Michael to everyone!

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Dawn B. | Shelton

January-22-2016 Bark busters rating

After speaking with many different trainers about their style and having some of them come to meet Bronx (aka Bronco), I was told he is a "red zone" dog, a liability, and should be put down. My heart could not accept this because I know he wants to be a good boy. Two days later I was on the phone with Michael, again, and two days after that Michael was at the house helping us save Bronx. In the short time that Michael was here, Bronx did a complete turnaround. When Michael appeared at the door, Bronx was very vocal and ready to attack. By the time Michael left he was allowing Michael to pet him, walk him down the street, and he even fell asleep while we were talking at the kitchen table. I would recommend him to anyone needing help resolving doggie issues. THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!!


Chris and Drea S. | Milford

January-21-2016 Bark busters rating

We are so happy that you came to see Marley. On the first day we were able to see an overall more calm and respectful dog.. With your pointers and advice we are looking forward to practicing and training him daily with greetings at the door, to jumping, to marking areas in the house. I'm excited to start this new journey with him and getting our old Marley back, especially with two little ones in the house I am going to have my hands full! We can't thank you enough, it was amazing the difference we saw in one session. Recommend Mike 100%. Thanks again :) Chris and Drea

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Joe Z. | Stamford

January-21-2016 Bark busters rating

Michael's training techniques make sense, work and have been easy to practice on our own in only a few minutes a day. We had awesome results after our initial training session and our Maggie keeps improving. She is much happier now, far less skiddish and she no longer lunges and barks at house guests coming through the door. I give Michael two thumbs up!

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Bari M. | Milford

January-19-2016 Bark busters rating

Thank you Mike so much for your help! I am a veterinarian with two large, energetic and protective dogs, and Mike helped us learn how to communicate with them in a constructive way. We really appreciate everything he has done for us! His methods really work - try it for yourself and see!

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Clinton S. | Bridgeport

January-18-2016 Bark busters rating

Michael was great! We have two small dogs, a Yorkie and a Doxie mix who were barking at us all day. After one session with Michael, they are becoming calmer and 90% of the barking has stopped, after only one week of doing the exercises he taught us. Michael was professional and came on time, spent time to exlain why Bark Busters techniques work. I would recommend Michael to any of our friends and family who have trouble with their dog! Thank you Michael!

Barking Hyperactivity Separation anxiety

Shannon L. | Easton

January-12-2016 Bark busters rating

We called Mike to help restore some control in our home. We recently added a new addition and we threw off our other 2 dogs, they began fighting. Mike helped us start to re establish control and leadership. He helped with barking, jumping, greeting guests and just getting their attention! He also gave us some tips to help with the 2 that fought. We were relieved to know we will get through this! It's been less than 24 hours and they are behaving so much better already. He gave advice about feeding time with the puppy as he is showing signs of food aggression. My only regret is not calling him sooner!

Aggression Barking Jumping up Puppy management Sibling rivalry

Ian B. | Fairfield

December-26-2015 Bark busters rating

We were probably the most skeptical family Mike has worked with, as we are experienced big dog owners, and had already brought in a trainer a few weeks earlier and had no results with our new 3 year-old rescue Pit Bull, who is the most stubborn dog we've ever had. Mike wasted no time in educating us about his methodology, and how it differs from what we were doing (all of which had worked just fine with our other dogs in the past). We saw immediate results when using Mike's methods, and by the end of the 2 hour session it was clear that this was really working. We plan on taking our dog through the Canine Good Citizenship program sponsored by the AKC, and will definitely be asking Mike back to help us with it. Like anything else, practice makes perfect, and we are diligently keeping a log of improvements we see in Moose's behavior. Thanks Mike !!!

Chewing Hyperactivity Jumping up Separation anxiety

Juni G. | Fairfield

December-20-2015 Bark busters rating

Mike was great!! He taught us some really great tips and training tricks for our 11 week old French Bulldog. He layed a foundation protocol for her potty training, he taught us how to claim what is ours using voice techniques, taught us some tips on how to help her not whine/cry at night. He also recommended a diet which is the most healthy for dogs in the long run. What a great experience! This guy is the real deal! Its almost like he has dog magic. Highly recommend Mike for anyone having any dog issues.

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Noemi P. | Stratford

December-17-2015 Bark busters rating

I believe the strategies that he gave us are great for the goals we set. I like that Mike did not only focus on the one dog that we had concerns with - he also gave us strategies for our 2 other dogs. He was patient with me & my family.

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Susan T. | Easton

December-13-2015 Bark busters rating

Our experience with Mike Konstantaras is one that can only be described as outstanding!! We have a 1 year old American bulldog that is 100 pounds & still growing. He has been controlling our house, our lives & has made it impossible to have guests over without everyone feeling nervous! I'll admit that I was skeptical of what Mike told me he could accomplish in his 1st training with Archie, especially because we have been through 3 trainers & a lot of money with little to no results! Mike was in our home for under 2 hours & he changed our lives with giving us techniques that truly fixed all of the issues that had us under Archie's reign! We now have our loving puppy under our control creating a much happier dog & happier household! Mike was patient, calm & extremely knowledgeable. I can't express enough my sincere gratitude & total amazement at what Mike did for our family!! Thank you Mike, for giving us the dog we always knew he could be! You are a miracle worker!!

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Karen G. | Fairfield

December-09-2015 Bark busters rating

Mike was amazing! He was patient and gentle with LouLou and she responded almost immediately. He never raised his voice and never even touched her, yet she learned so much in such a positive environment right in our own home. He gave us so much great information that was easy to understand and implement right away. By the next day, we had a new puppy. She now listens to all of the commands, is much calmer, and a much happier dog. Mike made the training very easy for a first-time dog owner to understand and use. I keep calling him the "miracle worker". I loved Mike's customer service attitude. He gave me his phone number to follow-up and offered to answer questions at any time. He also gave us a follow-up call to check in on how LouLou was doing. I have spoken to several dog trainers prior to meeting Mike and can honestly say and I loved his philosophy and professionalism more than anyone else that I spoke with. I am so happy that we now have Mike to call upon with questions to keep LouLou a calm and happy dog. Many thanks to Mike for all he has done - a true professional!

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Isabella F. | Norwalk

December-08-2015 Bark busters rating

Michael was amazing with my Pitbull Reina! He helped my family and I learn new tips and tricks, and was very informative. It was incredible seeing Reina respond to his training, and I can't wait to see her improvement in two weeks after following his instructions. My mother could not believe how halfway through the training Reina was so tired she couldn't even keep her eyes open. That following night we had some guest over and used the techniques we are shown, Reina was the best behaved she's been in a while. I can't wait to see Reina's improvement in two weeks and touch base with Michael! I also love how we were provided with tools to help continue training. Thank you so much for all your help and I will tell all my dog people about how great this was.

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Sabine N. | Stamford

November-11-2015 Bark busters rating

Wow, the training is unbelievable. We have only seen Michael once and there already has been a huge change in the dogs. I read the prior reviews, and was a bit incredulous. Michael assisted with training my two dogs to stop going nuts when people come to the door, when they see somebody outside or see a dog along the walk. I have never seen anything like the results we got from Michael-I have had dogs all my life and have attended so many training classes and nothing has been as effective as Michael's training. Even my friends are surprised when they come over.

Barking Pulling Other

Sarah K. | Stamford

November-03-2015 Bark busters rating

Mike is great! I was having so much trouble traveling with my puppy in the car. He refused to sit anywhere except on my lap, which became dangerous and expensive as I was forced to leave him in overnight daycare anytime I traveled on the weekend. Upon arrival Mike quickly assesses the situation and relationship I had with my dog and explained to me that the reason for him not being able to ride patiently in the backseat of the car rooted from other issues that needed to be corrected first. By the end of 1 hour spent with Mike, my pup can now ride in the backseat with no issues at all! Completely amazed that this was done with absolutely no bribery and/or harm!

Puppy management Separation anxiety

Randy S. | Easton

November-02-2015 Bark busters rating

Michael spent an hour with our dog Pudge a 6 yr old Chocolate Lab that we rescued and changed his behavior immediately. Pudge has been changed dog ever since. He is truly a dog whisperer. I would recommend him to anyone....

Jumping up Pulling

Scott S. | Fairfield

October-19-2015 Bark busters rating

Mike was incredibly professional and effective in his training techniques. We've experienced immediate results with our dig Sophie and are extremely happy that we worked with Mike.

Aggression Pulling

Janine Pagliuco - M. | Norwalk

October-09-2015 Bark busters rating

We rescued our dog Peter from the Bridgeport Shelter and he had been there for eight months so he needed a lot of training to say the least. All I can say is I thank God Mike was able to come to our house and make such a difference in our dogs life. Before Mike came to our house our dog kept jumping up and just didn't know how to play or even walk on a leash. After a two hour session with Mike you would have thought I had a different dog in the house, I know we have to follow up with with all the training methods but at least I know now the proper way to handle Peter. My family can't thank Mike enough for making such difference in Peter's life. Mike is truly a gift from God!

Aggression Barking Jumping up

Joann W. | Shelton

September-30-2015 Bark busters rating

We didn't know what to do about Teddy's barking and aggressive behaviour. Our methods were not working. On our first session, with Mike, Teddy was not barking when someone knocked on the door or from loud noises in the house. And, my husband was able to sit next to me without the snarling and growling. This method of training was done without touching or hurting Teddy in any way. I would recommend Bark Busters to any pet owner who has a dog with negative behaviour.

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Jessica W. | Stratford

September-01-2015 Bark busters rating

Our dog Jersey had several major medical procedures done in a short amount of time and as a result developed a fear of people and began to nip if you went near an area that had been worked on by the vet. This new behavior was not the fun loving dog that we knew Jersey was and we reached out to Michael. Michael was great and easy to work with. Before we even set up an appointment, Michael gave us some great advice and techniques that we could start to implement over the phone to help our dog become less fearful. His advice was wonderful, and we started to see our dog return to his normal happy normal self within days. Michael was great and managed to fit us in for a home visit the next week. After only one session he had our dog paying attention and listening on the leash. We couldn't be more grateful for everything Michael has done to help us. He uses simple and easy to understand methods and exercises that had us communicating better with all our animals on the first day. Michael was extremely dedicated and wouldn't leave our first session without knowing that Jersey was going to be helped. Our dog was a little more stubborn than most, but Michael took that time and effort to help correct our dogs behavior and we are extremely appreciative of him and his training abilities. We have praised his work and have recommended his training to others as a result of our training session with him.

Aggression Hyperactivity Jumping up Separation anxiety

Joseph N. | Shelton

August-06-2015 Bark busters rating

Michael was able to quickly diagnose Tyson's issues and had us working more effectively with Tyson so he understood what was expected of him. Tyson is a very active loving dog who just requires a lot more exercise and play time then the average dog. Tyson is slowly learning to be more obedient inside the home with Mike's guidance.

Chewing Hyperactivity

Wendy L. | Fairfield

July-31-2015 Bark busters rating

We hired Michael to help us with our 8 year old Mini Dachshund named Ben. He struggles with poor listening skills, anxiety and some aggression toward dogs he's never met. He was bitten a few times in the past and this exacerbated his problems. He was becoming more and more stubborn, wasn't listening to our commands, and becoming nasty with other dogs. Michael came to our house for Ben's (and our) first training. His training techniques are absolutely amazing! I've never seen these types of teaching methods. And the great news is Ben responded immediately to them! My husband and I are truly amazed at how Ben improved during his first training and how he's changed in only a week. Ben is already becoming a more relaxed and peaceful pup and he's responding to my commands in a way I would have never ever dreamed that he could. Michael is an amazing trainer, he picked up on things to address that we were unaware of, and he has already helped us to regain the respect from our dogs. We have an older dog as well, and she too is picking up on the things I am teaching Ben. I can guarantee Michael will be able to help any dog with any type of struggles they might be facing. Michael is awesome!

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