Overcoming Dog Problems

Need help overcoming dog problems? The best examples of my abilities are what my customer’s have to say after our training. See what issues I have been able to solve.

Rescue Dogs
“Mike came last week to help us with our rescue dog Maya. He spent three hours showing us exercises that will help her be more attentive to our commands, but also eliminate the need she feels to protect us around strangers. Throughout the session, Mike was very patient and thorough. He has a ton of knowledge about training techniques as well as a wide-range of dog products including toys and food. He is also very passionate about what he does and this certainly showed during the training session. We’ve already seen some really positive results and are excited to see Maya’s progress. I highly recommend Mike to anyone in need of a dog trainer. You won’t regret it!” Kaitlyn Connolly

Puppy Training
“Mike has truly transformed my dog’s behavior after just one session with him! As a first time dog owner, I was feeling very unsure and confused about the correct way to raise my new puppy. Mike came to our home and in a completely non judgmental way educated my boyfriend and I about the most natural and non intimidating way to discipline our puppy. Our puppy finally seems relaxed and happy in our home now that he has proper boundaries established. This was all accomplished in just 2 hours! Mike responds to any questions/concerns we have about our puppy in a timely manner. We can finally stop trying to decipher what information on the internet about raising a puppy is correct or not as we have a true expert in our life. I cannot recommend Mike enough, his services are worth every penny!” Elizabeth Takash

Separation Anxiety
“Mike was far and away the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. My dog was a rescue and suffered from severe anxiety, rarely letting any stranger get close to him. However, within 15 minutes Mike was able to calm his nerves to the point where he could approach him and pet him, it was amazing to see. He was incredibly respectful and was very careful to not do anything that would make the dog upset or uncomfortable.

Mike is extremely experienced and very thorough. Very patient when it comes to explaining why certain dogs behave the way they do and why the methods he use work. He almost always answers calls (even when he was on vacation, which I felt bad about), and on the rare chance he misses a call, he always calls back almost immediately. He follows up quite often as well, which is refreshing to see.

Overall the results have been incredible. My dog is more confident, and enjoying life much more thanks to Mike. It’s very reassuring to know that if there’s ever a need in the future, Mike is just a phone call away. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone seeking training for their dog!” Kyle Klett

All Positive Methods
“I was amazed at how quickly my dog responded to Mikes training methods. It was simple and effective. What I liked most of all is that redirecting my dogs behavior didn’t require any type of punishment, intimidation or even food! Everything he taught me I could do no matter where I am. It’s been a day and already I am seeing results. I am grateful that Mike was able to share his knowledge and education in such a way that I could relate to why my dog behaved the way he did and what he needs from me as his responsible owner. I feel much more confident going forward knowing that I have the tools that were left with me and know that Mike would find it a priority to help me or anyone in need of some help. Thank you Bark Busters!!” Heather Natale

“Mike came to my home to address my dog’s incessant barking. My dog, Marco, not only barked at strangers and other dogs, but at myself, my kids and regular visitors. It was out of control. Mike explained, in detail, why Marco was barking, therefore, allowing me to appreciate his hindrance with compassion. Mike showed me how to correct Marco’s behavior in a sensitive and successful manner. He spent a great deal of time, was patient and most importantly he left me with thorough tools, so that I could be confident when he left. I am happy to report Marco as another success story of Bark Busters! We are so grateful!” Shana Wilson

Tried Other Trainers
“Mike is an awesome trainer! we had over four trainers and no one could help us with our bulldog. What Mike did in one session has been life changing, I think he should have his own TV show just like Cesar Milan. Mike’s energy and attitude towards helping dog parents is just beyond this world. Therefore if you have problems with your dog’s behavior or just simply want your dog to learn some cool tricks to impress your friends and family , he is the one to call.” Gabriel Nava

Introducing a New Baby
“Michael is a miracle worker! He was able to seemingly transform my very dominating and stubborn 9 year old bulldog in a matter of hours. I was in a panic after having a new baby about how my bulldog (who’s bit many people before) would react to the new addition, and now I feel so much more secure with them around each other. I even was able to put them on the same rug in peace together last night! We have tried several trainers in the past and spent hundreds of dollars trying to get my bulldog to not bite people in public or rush guests at the door, and nothing so far has worked–until Michael came in. His training tactics are simple and performed in a way that mimics how a dog would respond to another dog, so it’s communicating to them rather than scaring or intimidating them. Not only was he able to help my dog and I, he is such a nice, caring person who I could totally see myself hanging out with! I would very highly recommend him to anyone who’s even slightly unsure if their dog needs to become a bit more ‘well mannered’-he will make your life and your dogs life much better.” Courtney Davis

Multiple Dogs
“We have 4 dogs that get rowdy at times. One of them is a 10 week puppy and the oldest is 13 years. Mike was able to get them all to behave instantly. The older dogs were always on alert and would bark at anything. The puppy had the usual problems…climbing or chewing the furniture, nipping, house training and rough play with the older dogs. Mike was able to correct their issues and gave an explanation of how to correct their bad behaviors.

I highly recommend Mike at Bark Busters for all his help.” Rob w

If you need help overcoming dog problems, call Michael Konstantaras at 877-500-2275 today.

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