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Dogs loving Bark Busters dog training.

After your first dog training lesson with Bark Busters Fairfield, you will be amazed at the results with your dog. In fact, some pup parents think I have cast a spell on their dog or switched dogs! However, it is really the Bark Busters method of dog training that really makes all the difference. My unsolicited reviews on Yelp tell the tail!

The second major difference between success and failure will be you doing your homework. Yes, it can be tedious, but dogs learn best through repetition. The minute I walk out the door your dog may revert to his old ways of interacting and communicating with you. Dogs are wonderful people trainers and are good at getting us to do their bidding. If allowed, they will tell you when to play with them, feed them and pet them. Only you can keep him on track by following the dog training program I have left with you. Some highlights to remember:

  1. Establish yourself as the “pack leader”. To dogs, “assertiveness”means whoever has the most leadership, authority and respect. Dogs are pack animals. You will have to be dominant and consistent. Initially, you will have to win every situation. Your dog will continuously test you. Your job is to continuously establish yourself as the leader, being in front of him at all times when answering the door, climbing the stairs, entering and exiting the house, or just walking. If you are consistent, your dog will quickly follow your new rules and behave the way that you want. Dogs will only apply for the Top Dog job if the position is available. If you stop being consistent, your dog will lose trust in you.
  2. Remember to praise. I have taught you the proper way to correct your dog. Praising your dog for good behavior is just as important as correction for bad behavior. Dogs know they are being praised with a light, high voice in conjunction with a pat.
  3. Homework. I will leave you with a series of training exercises designed specifically to overcome the issues YOUR dog is having. Spend at least 15 minutes a day practicing these exercises so your dog does not revert back to his old ways. Always set the scene so you are in control of the situation. If you are not ready for training at that moment, then your dog will take the opportunity to test you. Be ready to correct, guide and praise. The more training you do, the greater success you will have, so do each exercise several time each day. Most of all have fun! Mix the exercises up and try doing them at different times of the day, in different settings.

Training your dog will make him feel more comfortable knowing that you are in charge and leading the pack. Celebrate your successes and give yourself a treat for your hard work. I am always only a phone call or email away to answer any questions or concerns. I also love hearing stories about the changes in your dog.

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