After Bark Busters training, this dog started to listen

Many frustrated dog owners approach me with “why doesn’t my dog not listen?”

Why Your Dog Doesn’t Listen

There are four main reasons your dog doesn’t listen.

  1. He doesn’t understand you. Imagine sitting in a classroom where the teacher speaks in Russian and you can’t understand a word. That’s how your dog feels when you speak in English. He wants to please you. He just doesn’t know how. Until you learn how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands, your dog won’t listen. Dogs don’t speak to one another; they use energy and body language to communicate. That’s why Bark Busters uses body language and voice tones to teach your dog obedience.
  2. You have not established yourself as the “Pack Leader”. Being the pack leader is intrinsic to most dogs. They will vie with you for control, and if you give it to them, they will run with it. Dogs want to be safe. If you establish yourself as the “top dog” and display calm, assertive leadership, your dog will begin to trust you have taken over that role. Then he will relax and actually be relieved.
  3. You are sending inconsistent messages. So many times we give our dogs missed messages. You don’t want him to beg at the table, but you don’t correct the kids that are slipping him food. Or, as you are sitting in the recliner with his eyes pleading, you slip him a bite of whatever you are eating. Dogs are simple creatures – they can’t differentiate between the two circumstances. To them, eating is eating. If your dog is receiving different messages about his behavior, he won’t understand what you want from him.
  4. He is not focused. The reason Bark Busters trains in your home is because this is where your dog is most comfortable and where there are the fewest distractions. For instance, in a classroom environment, there are other dogs playing or ignoring their owners, diverting your dog’s attention. All dog training must be done in a quiet, relaxed setting.

Your dog wants to do the right thing. You just have to give him the right behavioral cues to do so. Bark Busters will help you evaluate your dog’s behavior and find the root of his mis-behaviors. Then we can teach you how to have a great relationship with your dog, one based on respect, love and trust.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about my Fairfield County dog training methods. Contact me today!


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