This dog was well behaved after Bark Busters Fairfield dog training

As a Bark Busters Fairfield dog trainer and behaviorist, I am often asked: “how does Bark Busters train dogs?” “What makes your training system so successful?” Because our dog training system is proprietary, some of our methods can’t be revealed. However, here we’ll talk about how dogs communicate, how they learn, and why our dog training system works so well.

The proof?
I have successfully trained thousands of dogs throughout Fairfield County. And the results are immediate … you’ll see major changes in your dog’s behavior in the first lesson.

How Dogs Communicate
Dogs learn to communicate when they are first born, from their mothers and brothers and sisters in the litter. They do so through three essential components:

  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Sound (barking, growling)

Dogs communicate with each other very simplistically, which is why Bark Buster’s method of “speaking dog” is so easy to learn.

When two dogs approach each other, their communication begins with a series of posturing and movements. Inevitably, one dog will establish his dominance by standing up tall with relatively little movement, while the more submissive dog will lower his head, tail, and/or ears and sometimes lie down. This initial communication can last from a second or two to 15-20 seconds.

The dogs will sniff around each other, seeking to gain the respect of the other. Their communication may escalate with a bark, snap or growl. Sometimes dog owners interpret this as being hostile, when in fact dogs are just communicating with each other. Dogs have a limited number of actions to convey their messages. Imagine if humans only had a few words to work with and no hands to sign with – they would resort to positioning, expressions and intensity more in communication.

Sometimes dogs who don’t know each other or are thrust into an awkward situation like a dog park might escalate their interactions and fight. This doesn’t mean they don’t like each other – they are just vying to see who will be the leader.

How Dogs Learn
Dogs like to feel safe and secure. They only feel safe when there is a clear definition in the pecking order – knowing who’s in charge. They like to know that a strong leader is guiding them and the pack. Establishing a clear hierarchy and making them feel protected are two essential components of a good training system. That’s why Bark Busters training system makes you the “Top Dog” and let’s your dog know who is in control.

When a pup’s Mom wants him to stay while she goes foraging for food, it takes her only a few moments to get her point across. There are no complex commands, gestures, food, bribing or physical interventions involved. When mom leaves and the pup tries to follow, mom faces the pup and growls and the pup stops. If the pup stays, she adjusts her posture showing approval and begins to depart. If the pup tries to follow again, mom will once again address the challenge but with more intensity (barking, growling and sometimes even snapping) until the pup stops.

The Bark Busters Method
The Bark Busters method uses body language and voice tones to teach dogs to listen. It is so effective because it is based on the way dogs naturally communicate. There is no harsh treatment, clickers or treats involved. Your dog will learn the rules and boundaries incredibly quickly with our dog training method – in fact, we work more with the dog owners than the dogs. Not only does the Bark Busters method achieve rapid results, it’s easy and fun to learn. Owners who use the Bark Busters system build deeper bonds with their dogs because the system is based on the owner helping the dog to feel safe, loved and integrated into the family’s social group.

For instance, if you don’t want your dog to walk you, you have to let him know that you have “got this” and he need not work about protecting you from the other dogs or people you pass by. If someone comes to your door and knocks, your dogs needs to know they are not a threat and you can handle the situation. He can then rest easy and no longer feel stressed or anxious.

The Bark Busters dog training method helps your dog to understand that you are a calm, unshakable, assertive and capable leader (at least in the dog’s eyes). You can’t give in to destructive behaviors or the way he may want things done. You must always fill the “alpha role” and not surrender.

We develop a one-on-one dog training program to address YOUR dog’s specific issues based on history, breed, your lifestyle, etc. It is not a cookie cutter approach. This is why dog training classes often fail – because they address the “average” dog’s behavior versus unique idiosyncrasies.  Treats are only used if the dog’s behavior and reaction to verbal inputs indicates that results may be accelerated by the introduction of high value treats. Studies have shown that dogs prefer social reward to treats but both can be effective (see “Awake Canine MRI Predicts Dogs’ Preference for Praise Versus Food”).

Here are a few other unique aspects of the Bark Busters Fairfield County dog training method:

  • No harsh methods. Aggression often breeds aggression. For instance, if you alpha roll your dog and pin him to the ground for a misbehavior, he might respond the first time. However, he may develop a fear of humans or even a fear of hands. Bark Busters never uses physical intervention to change a behavior as the risks far outweigh the rewards. Harsh methods often traumatize dogs.
  • Immediate results. You will see immediate changes in your dog’s behavior in our first training session. If you do your homework for 15 – 20 minutes/day, you will have a well-behaved dog, one based on love, trust and respect.

For me dog training is a passion. I love the look on dog owner’s faces when their whole relationship with the dog changes. It is rewarding for both myself and the owner.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about my Bark Busters Fairfield County dog training methods. Contact me today!

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