Calming Bentley

Meet Bentley.  Bentley's owner's had tried two other local trainers before they were recommended to me by their veterinarian.  Bentley was very anxious, pacing around their home, always alert and "on guard" for the littlest of noises.  He was constantly whining and asking everyone to give him attention by bringing them a toy or brushing into them looking to be pet.  When anyone in the family, or even guests, would leave the house Bentley would bark and become very disturbed, stressed out,  & anxious.

I'm happy to report that after just one visit Bentley is already showing huge signs of improvement.  In fact, Bentley's owner told me that it was the first time she could remember Bentley sitting peacefully in her home in years!  All this was achieved without the use of treats or doing anything harmful to Bentley.  Home run!


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