Dogs of the Day

Here are some of the great dogs I've worked with. I hope you find these case studies helpful. If you're experiencing problems with your dog, give me a call.

Meet Coco


Coco thought it was his job to bark at anything that walked past his home.  It was a lot of work for this little guy because he always had his guard up.  Coco  also thought it was his job to bark like crazy when someone rang the doorbell and he insisted on checking out the visitors first by jumping all over them.  Well I'm happy to report Coco has been officially relieved of his position of unnecessary guard dog and he is much happier and peaceful now that he is retired :)  Our first lesson went so well that by the time I left we were able to ring the doorbell and Coco sat peacefully while his owner answered the door.  All this was achieved without the use of treats, shock collars,  or doing anything to harm or scare Coco.  Great lesson with a great dog!


Calming Bentley

Meet Bentley.  Bentley's owner's had tried two other local trainers before they were recommended to me by their veterinarian.  Bentley was very anxious, pacing around their home, always alert and "on guard" for the littlest of noises.  He was constantly whining and asking everyone to give him attention by bringing them a toy or brushing into them looking to be pet.  When anyone in the family, or even guests, would leave the house Bentley would bark and become very disturbed, stressed out,  & anxious.

I'm happy to report that after just one visit Bentley is already showing huge signs of improvement.  In fact, Bentley's owner told me that it was the first time she could remember Bentley sitting peacefully in her home in years!  All this was achieved without the use of treats or doing anything harmful to Bentley.  Home run!


Maggie's Big Turnaround

IMG 2293Maggie- you would never guess by this cute pic but she was quite a handful for her family prior to our lesson. Jumping, biting, chewing, etc. Basically screaming for someone to lead and guide her in her new home. Within 15 minutes of training, Maggie was completely relaxed and under her owner's control. So much so that she fell asleep! Great lesson :)


cujoCujo is a nearly three year old German Shepard who was really living up to his name. Cujo was very territorial and aggressive towards visitors. The owner told me she felt like a prisoner in her own home.  She had tried three other local trainers with no luck.  One hid in the bathroom and the other refused to work with him.  After one lesson with me I'm happy to report that Cujo has made a 100% 180 degree turnaround.  A recent phone call from Cujo's owner informed me that he's doing great and really seems much more calm and relaxed in their home.  He even rides nicely in her car, a place which used to be absolute chaos for her and Cujo.

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